Koos Korsten

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Five phages which are morphologically similar to coliphage T7 but attack other host bacteria have been compared to T7 and to its relative, T3, by the following criteria: (a) cross-reactivity with antisera against T7 and T3, (b) DNA base sequence homologies, as determined by the C0t technique, (c) synthesis of two phage-coded enzymes: RNA polymerase and(More)
Despite previous studies the management of Rockwood type III acromioclavicular (AC) dislocations remains controversial and the debate continues about whether patients with Rockwood type III AC injuries should be treated conservatively or operatively. In this study, we will review the current literature and present an overview of the outcome of conservative(More)
© 2015 Wolters Kluwer Health www.pidj.com | 227 by Ascaris lumbricoides (3.7%) and Entamoeba histolytica/dispar (3.7%). Prevalence of infection by Hymenolepis nana was significantly higher in children younger than 5, whereas prevalence of infection by Taenia spp., Trichuris trichura, A. lumbricoides, E. histolytica/dispar, and hookworms was significantly(More)
BACKGROUND New vaccines and RSV therapeutics have been developed in the past decade. With approval of these new pharmaceuticals on the horizon, new challenges lie ahead in selecting the appropriate target population. We aimed to improve a previously published prediction model for prediction of RSV-hospitalization within the first year of life. METHODS Two(More)
BACKGROUND Recurrent wheezing in young infants has a high prevalence, influences quality of life, and generates substantial health care costs. We previously showed that respiratory syncytial virus infection is an important mechanism of recurrent wheezing in moderate preterm infants. We aimed to provide population-attributable risks (PAR) of risk factors for(More)
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