Koos Duppen

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Interfering light waves produce an optical interference pattern in any medium that interacts with light. This modulation of some physical parameter of the system acts as a classical holographic grating for optical radiation. When such a grating is produced through interaction of pulsed light waves with an optical transition, a transient grating is formed(More)
The switching behavior of 1,2-bis(5-phenyl-2-methylthien-3-yl)perfluorocyclopentene and its nonfluorinated (perhydro) analogue are compared. For both molecules, the dynamics after optical excitation can be separated into three regimes: preswiching due to excited state mixing; the ring closure itself; postswitching related to vibrational cooling. The(More)
Picosecond photon echoes have been generated and detected by using a resonant six-wave mixing effect. In this process, the induced echo polarization is used to drive a four-wave mixing process. The merits of this method compared with other techniques of photon-echo detection are discussed. Further examples of spectroscopically useful six-wave mixing effects(More)
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