Koon-Hung Wong

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Nowadays, video recording devices such as CCTV, digital cameras, mobile phones and car video recorders are ubiquitous. It becomes more and more frequent that traffic accident scenarios are captured by such video recording devices in one form or another. The present study focuses on the direct extraction of vehicle speeds from video footages by cross-ratio,(More)
Glucose was determined using an automated flow analyser and a commercial reagent preparation based on the glucose oxidaseperoxidase reaction. The coupling system for the hydrogen peroxide liberated consisted of 4-aminophenazone and 2,4-dichlorophenol. The analyser demonstrated linearity of>0.9997 for five consecutive sets of standards. The average RSD for(More)
In 2012-2014, our laboratory had investigated a total of 9 suspected front blind spot crashes, in which the medium and heavy goods vehicles pulled away from rest and rolled over the pedestrians, who were crossing immediately in front of the vehicles. The drivers alleged that they did not see any pedestrians through the windscreens or the front blind spot(More)
A total of 11 real life vehicle/pedestrian collisions in 2012-2014 were captured by CCTV cameras/car cameras in Hong Kong. Some of the footage was recorded in HD format at 30 frames per second, enabling accurate determinations of impact speeds with pedestrians, exact points of impacts and final rest positions of pedestrians as well as kinematics of the(More)
The relative bit density variation graphs of 207 specimen credit cards processed by 12 encoding machines were examined first visually, and then classified by means of hierarchical cluster analysis. Twenty-nine credit cards being treated as 'questioned' samples were tested by way of cluster analysis against 'controls' derived from known encoders. It was(More)
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