Koo-Chul Je

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Local field-induced optical properties of Ag-coated CdS quantum dot structures are investigated. We experimentally observe a clear exciton peak due to the quantum confinement effect in uncoated CdS quantum dots, and surface plasmon resonance and red-shifted exciton peak in Ag-coated CdS composite quantum dot structures. We have calculated the Stark shift of(More)
The ultrafast spin dynamics of the bright exciton in CdSe/ZnS nanocrystal quantum dots has been investigated using a circularly polarized pump-probe experiment. A remarkably fast spin flip (-500 fs) of the bright exciton was observed at 4 K, which is attributed to the anisotropic electron-hole exchange interaction and the random positioning of nanocrystal(More)
We propose an amplified all-optical polarization phase modulator assisted by a local surface plasmon in Au-hybrid CdSe quantum dots. When the local surface plasmon of a spherical Au quantum dot is in resonance with the exciton energy level of a CdSe quantum dot, a significant enhancement of the linear and nonlinear refractive index is found in both the real(More)
Surface plasmon scattering spectra of chemically produced single Cu nanowires were obtained using a total internal reflection microscope. In particular, we have observed a strong surface plasmon peak in the far red and a red-shift of the surface plasmon resonance with increasing nanowire diameter. We believe that the most reasonable origin for the red-shift(More)
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