Konur A. Unyelioglu

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Absfract-This paper is concerned with a new system theoretic concept, decentralized blocking zeros, and its applications in the design of decentralized controllers for linear time-invariant finitedimensional systems. The concept of decentralized blocking zeros is a generalization of its centralized counterpart to multichannel systems under decentralized(More)
This paper considers the notion of decentralized fixed zeros for linear, time-invariant, finite-dimensional systems. For an -channel plant that is free of unstable decentralized fixed modes, an unstable decentralized fixed zero of Channel (1 ) is defined as an element of the closed right half-plane, which remains as a blocking zero of that channel under the(More)
As part of the User Interface Software course in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, the students and instructor developed a set of 7 benchmark tasks. These benchmarks are designed to be representative of a wide range of user interface styles, and have been implemented in about 20 different toolkits on different platforms(More)
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