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The Lubs X-linked mental retardation syndrome (MRXSL) is caused by small interstitial duplications at distal Xq28 including the MECP2 gene. Here we report on four novel male patients with MRXSL and different Xq28 duplications delineated by microarray-based chromosome analysis. All mothers were healthy carriers of the duplications. Consistent with an earlier(More)
High capacity membrane adsorbents have been used as a stationary phase for the preparative chromatographic purification of human serum albumin. A two-step ion exchange fractionation scheme yields albumin with 98% purity from clarified, microfiltrated, and desalted human plasma. Experiments with laboratory and pilot scale membrane modules are compared to(More)
We report a familial Sotos syndrome in two children, boy and girl, aged 17 and 8 years, and in their 44 year old mother, who displayed normal intelligence at adult age, but suffered from insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma, and severe lipedema. The underlying missense mutation, C2175S, occurred in a conserved segment of the NSD1 gene. Our(More)
Modelling metapopulation dynamics is a potentially very powerful tool for conservation biologists. In recent years, scientists have broadened the range of variables incorporated into metapopulation modelling from using almost exclusively habitat patch size and isolation, to the inclusion of attributes of the matrix and habitat patch quality. We investigated(More)
BACKGROUND Although noise is one of the leading work-related health risk factors for teachers, many nursery schools lack sufficient noise reduction measures. METHODS This intervention study evaluated the noise exposure of nursery school teachers when dropping DUPLO toy bricks into storage cases. Sound analyses of the impact included assessment of the(More)
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In order to deal with physical aggression in schools it is necessary to develop an educational concept in which the teachers parallel to their observations of the subject orientated learn-track include the relationship- and the self-development-track (three-track-education). In this concept of classifying dialogs which follow the conflict situations have(More)
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