Konstantinos Vandikas

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We have designed a novel positioning system, the Cooperative Location-sensing system (CLS) that employs the peerto-peer paradigm and a probabilistic framework to estimate the position of wireless-enabled devices in an iterative manner without the need for an extensive infrastructure or timestrenuous training. CLS can incorporate signal-strength maps of the(More)
In this paper we provide an outline and characteristics of a language that allows the design of compositions within a heterogeneous service landscape. Heterogeneous refers to services from various industries and application domains like for example telecommunication, enterprise, web 2.0 and general IT. The language shall enable to use services from all(More)
5G networks will be a key enabler for the Internet of Things by providing a platform to connect a massive number of devices with heterogeneous sets of network quality requirements. In this environment, 5G network operators will have to solve the complex challenge of managing network services for diverse customer sectors (such as automotive, health or(More)
Abstract Engineering a Web search engine offering effective and efficient information retrieval is a challenging task. This document presents our experiences from designing and developing a Web search engine offering a wide spectrum of functionalities and we report some interesting experimental results. A rather peculiar design choice of the engine is that(More)
In both academia and industry, peer-to-peer (p2p) applications have attracted great attention. This paper introduces and implemented a novel location-based multimedia application, the Multimedia Traveling Journal application (PhotoJournal) that employs the p2p paradigm and enables location-based content sharing among mobile users.
Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is being used in a variety of domains from a car manufacturer's assembly line to utility meters that measure a household's electricity consumption. In this paper, we are presenting an approach that allows for enriching business processes using smartphones through an M2M communication paradigm. The presented approach is(More)