Konstantinos Vandikas

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We have designed a novel positioning system, the Cooperative Location-sensing system (CLS) that employs the peer-to-peer paradigm and a probabilistic framework to estimate the position of wireless-enabled devices in an iterative manner without the need for an extensive infrastructure or time-strenuous training. CLS can incorporate signal-strength maps of(More)
In both academia and industry, peer-to-peer (p2p) applications have attracted great attention. This paper introduces and implemented a novel location-based multimedia application, the Multimedia Traveling Journal application (PhotoJournal) that employs the p2p paradigm and enables location-based content sharing among mobile users.
Engineering a Web search engine offering effective and efficient information retrieval is a challenging task. This document presents our experiences from designing and developing a Web search engine offering a wide spectrum of functionalities and we report some interesting experimental results. A rather peculiar design choice of the engine is that its index(More)