Konstantinos T. Kaliarntas

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the clinical potential of an augmented-video-based-portable-system (AVPS). The AVPS included a walkway grid mat made of vinyl flooring, flat paper bull's eye markers, four photoswitches mounted on tripods, a light-indicator, a video camera, and a computer with ProTrainer System software. The AVPS output was(More)
Therapy [CPT]). All participants received treatment as usual in the form of CPT deemed appropriate for their presentation by the clinical physiotherapists and recorded using a standardised treatment schedule (1). The treatment schedule consists of a recording form and explanatory manual describing the treatment and this has been used successfully with(More)
This paper reports the development of a purpose-built knee dynamometer (PBKD) to evaluate passive range of motion (ROM) and isometric muscle strength measurements of the knee. The PBKD uses a TorqSense rotary torque transducer and objectively measures isometric knee muscle strength in a valid and reliable manner and passive resistance to motion through(More)
This study examines the early development of cultural differences in a simple, embodied, and intersubjective engagement between mothers putting down, picking up, and carrying their infants between Japan and Scotland. Eleven Japanese and ten Scottish mothers with their 6- and then 9-month-old infants participated. Video and motion analyses were employed to(More)
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