Konstantinos Stamoulis

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Cerebral oximetry based on near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is increasingly used during the perioperative period of cardiovascular operations. It is a noninvasive technology that can monitor the regional oxygen saturation of the frontal cortex. Current literature indicates that it can stratify patients preoperatively according their risk. Intraoperatively,(More)
OBJECTIVE As hormones are strongly associated with mortality in critically ill patients, we investigated whether mortality prediction based on the Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation (APACHE) is improved by combining this score with hormone measurements. DESIGN AND SETTING Intensive care units in three hospitals. PATIENTS AND PARTICIPANTS 113(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether tentative prognostic models for intensive care unit survival of multiple trauma patients could be improved by including endocrine parameters. DESIGN Prospective study. PATIENTS Eighty-three male and 11 female multiple trauma patients. MEASUREMENTS Upon admission, severity of trauma was assessed with the Acute Physiology(More)
BACKGROUND The aortic Dacron wrapping technique is a surgical technique used under certain circumstances in cases of ascending aorta dilatation. Herein, we are presenting our experience on the method performed on multimorbid patients who denied major aortic surgery. METHODS We included in our series 7 patients (5 male-2 female) with mild to moderate(More)
Hemodilution contributes significantly to transfusion requirements in patients undergoing CABG under CPB. We hypothesised that restriction of parenteral fluids in comparison to a liberal fluid administration policy leads to less use of packed red cells in CABG operations supported by cell salvage. After consent and approval, 130 patients operated under(More)
To assess whether adrenal cortex hormones predict ICU mortality in acute, mixed, critically ill patients. Prospective study in consecutive intensive care patients in the general ICU of a teaching hospital. 203 severely ill patients with multiple trauma (n = 93), medical (n = 57), or surgical (n = 53) critical states. Within 24 h of admission in the ICU a(More)
INTRODUCTION Traumatic internal carotid artery pseudoaneurysm (TICAP) is the most common cause of stroke in young adults. The treatment of TICAP with open surgery poses excess risk, thus during last decade endovascular treatment strategies have been applied. AIM To assess the efficacy and the existing experience of endovascular treatment of TICAP. (More)
INTRODUCTION This study evaluated the feasibility and safety of open radical cystectomy (RC) under combined regional anesthesia (CRA) in high-risk octogenarian patients. METHODS We retrospectively evaluated the medical records of high-risk, octogenarian bladder cancer patients submitted to open RC with CRA. Demographic and clinical data, intraoperative(More)