Konstantinos Siassiakos

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AbstrAct E-learning is developing rapidly worldwide. The volume of the information that e-learning systems render grows, too. Nowadays, the critical issue is to acquire more knowledge using less time and effort. Contemporary e-learning systems, although they embody up-to-date technology, artificial-intelligence techniques, and pedagogical methods, address(More)
The field of the Laboratory Diagnostics (in vitro), a sector of the field of health services, constitutes an industrial market that includes activities of research, development, production and products distribution that are designated for laboratory use. These products are defined as techno-medical products including various categories of products such as(More)
INTRODUCTION Cost reduction pressures and the need for shortened in-patient stays are promoting the use of wireless patient monitoring systems in hospitals. Their contribution to better process management, superior flexibility and increased efficiency within hospitals is further underlining the appeal of wireless networking options for patient monitoring(More)
In this paper we focus on adaptive instruction and especially on the educational perspective that should underlie the development of web-based Adaptive Educational Hypermedia (AEH) systems used for Internet-based distance education. A design rational and guidelines are proposed for adaptive instruction in the context of AEH systems, which unify several(More)
The practice and process of health care are inextricably intertwined with the management of information. Information technologies have become increasingly necessary for modern practices in medicine, efficient and effective management of health care, and health professionals education. Healthcare professionals recognize an urgent need for skilled scientists(More)
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