Konstantinos Siassiakos

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This paper presents DEPTH (usability evaluation based on DEsign PaTterns & Heuristics criteria) a methodology for performing scenario-based heuristic usability evaluation of Web sites. It is comprised of two operational phases, the preparatory and the execution phase, where specific steps are performed for evaluating the usability along three axis:(More)
This paper optimizes the introduction of broadband internet service in an existing PSTN network, by the means of a techno-economical model. The proposed model determines the optimal timing of introduction of ADSL technology to an urban telephone network, as seen by the Network Access Provider perspective. The implementation strategy is determined on the(More)
In this paper we focus on adaptive instruction and especially on the educational perspective that should underlie the development of web-based Adaptive Educational Hypermedia (AEH) systems used for Internet-based distance education. A design rational and guidelines are proposed for adaptive instruction in the context of AEH systems, which unify several(More)
Life long learning is one of the three basic axes on which Greece bases all of its efforts to upgrade Greek reality in all levels, such as the financial, the social and the cultural in both terms of quantity and quality. To win the bet of adult education in the country, all possible ways of delivering educational and training services should be explored and(More)
The field of the Laboratory Diagnostics (in vitro), a sector of the field of health services, constitutes an industrial market that includes activities of research, development, production and products distribution that are designated for laboratory use. These products are defined as techno-medical products including various categories of products such as(More)
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