Konstantinos Pastiadis

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A study on the verbal attributes of musical timbre was conducted in an effort to identify the most significant semantic descriptors and to quantify the association between prominent timbral aspects and several categorical properties of environmental entities. A verbal attribute magnitude estimation (VAME) type of listening test in which participants were(More)
This study presents a listening experiment designed to further examine the previously proposed luminance-texture-mass (LTM) model for timbral semantics. Thirty two musically trained listeners rated twenty four instrument tones on six predefined semantic scales, namely, brilliance, depth, roundness, warmth, fullness and richness. The selection of this(More)
The estimation of the vocal tract resonance frequencies from acoustic voice signals has been widely employed and various methods have been proposed. Among them, a number of cepstrum based techniques have been implemented to disentangle the voice’s spectral envelope from the harmonic components. Noticebly less research has been conducted for voices with(More)
Two decades ago, the idea to focus on music-related aspects of behaviour as a methodological tool to study the neural correlates of human complex cognitive functions was a rather uncommon practice within neuroscience. Nowadays, a rapidly evolving field has been formed under the general name ‘‘The Neuroscience of Music’’ as an attempt to develop a whole new(More)
BACKGROUND It is well known that suicidal rates vary considerably among European countries and the reasons for this are unknown, although several theories have been proposed. The effect of economic variables has been extensively studied but not that of climate. METHODS Data from 29 European countries covering the years 2000-2012 and concerning male and(More)
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