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—The objective of this paper is to examine the application of single-baseline polarimetric SAR interferometry to the remote sensing and measurement of structure over forested terrain. For this, a polarimetric coherent scattering model for vegetation cover suitable for the estimation of forest parameters from interfer-ometric observables is introduced,(More)
AbstructIn this paper, we exploit the interferometric multifrequency potentiality of the SIR-CK-SAR system which is equipped with an L-, C-, and X-band sensor. We present a solution to improve the unwrapping performance of the Cand X-band data by considering the L-band unwrapped pattern. A new algorithm for the generation of a single digital elevation model(More)
2 between 0.80 and 0.98. The dual-pol inversion does not require an external DTM but depends on the visibility of the whole forest layer. Accordingly, its performance varied with forest structure and season: The best performance was achieved for the summer acquisition of the boreal test site (r 2 = 0.86) and for the winter acquisition of the temperate test(More)