Konstantinos Papathanassiou

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—The objective of this paper is to examine the application of single-baseline polarimetric SAR interferometry to the remote sensing and measurement of structure over forested terrain. For this, a polarimetric coherent scattering model for vegetation cover suitable for the estimation of forest parameters from interfer-ometric observables is introduced,(More)
Forest biomass is one of the most important parameters for global carbon stock modelling yet can only be estimated with great uncertainties. Unfortunately, conventional remote sensing techniques for the estimation of forest biomass are not able to provide estimates on a global scale. An alternative approach is based on forest height estimates from single(More)
This paper presents a first calibration and quality analysis of Pol−InSAR data acquired by the ALOS−PalSAR based on deterministic and extended scatterers. The calibration of Pol−InSAR data requires the estimation and compensation of polarimeteric and interferometric system and propagation (through the ionosphere and atmosphere) induced distortions. Constant(More)
— This paper discusses the implementation of an end-to-end simulator for the BIOMASS mission. An overview of the system architecture is provided along with a functional description of the modules that comprise the simulator. I. INTRODUCTION Biomass is a biophysical property of vegetation that relates to the amount of carbon stored in the terrestrial(More)