Konstantinos Papadopoulos

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Earth's magnetosphere during substorms exhibits a number of characteristic features such as the signatures of low effective dimension, hysteresis, and power-law spectra of fluctuations on different scales. The largest substorm phenomena are in reasonable agreement with low-dimensional magnetospheric models and in particular those of inverse bifurcation.(More)
The pathological effects of multiple sclerosis are not confined to lesions; tissues that appear normal on conventional magnetic resonance imaging scans are also affected, albeit subtly. One imaging technique that has proven sensitive to such effects is T1-relaxation time measurement, with previous work demonstrating abnormalities in normal-appearing white(More)
Biotinidase deficiency (BTD) is an inherited disorder with severe clinical manifestations if not treated early. 63,119 neonates were tested for BTD according to a 3-step protocol. Biotinidase activity was initially estimated through standard colorimetric method on dried blood spots, then the suspected samples were subjected to molecular analysis of the BT(More)
In Greece, the National Newborn Screening Program was initiated in 1974 and is performed by the Institute of Child Health (ICH). However, there is a complete absence of conditions that have high rates of mortality and a relatively high prevalence listed in the Catalogue of Disorders screened by the ICH. Our laboratory has expanded the existing NBS program(More)
The present study explored the total adaptive behavior of children and adolescents with visual impairments, as well as their adaptive behavior in each of the domains of Communication, Daily Living Skills, and Socialization. Moreover, the predictors of the performance and developmental delay in adaptive behavior were investigated. Instrumentation included an(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of the current study was to screen newborns in Greece and to identify the responsible mutations for Medium-Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency (MCADD). DESIGN AND METHODS 47.812 neonates were screened for the potential presence of MCADD in Greece, via a LC-MS/MS protocol. The "suspected" samples were subjected to genetic testing(More)
BACKGROUND In patients with left ventricular (LV) dysfunction the mitral leaflet coaptation point (CPMA) is displaced towards the LV apex. The aim of our study was to estimate the value of CPMA measurement as a simple index regarding the acute effects of cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT), which is coming to be an established method of treatment for(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS To adapt and standardize the Test Your Memory (TYM) dementia screening instrument in Greek. METHODS Normative data on the Greek version of the TYM were obtained from a community sample of 239 adults aged 21-92 years. Clinical validity was assessed in a cohort of 134 Neurology Clinic patients. Concurrent validity was examined through(More)
The aim of this study is to examine the performance in coding and representing of near-space in relation to vision status (blindness vs. normal vision) and sensory modality (touch vs. vision). Forty-eight children and teenagers participated. Sixteen of the participants were totally blind or had only light perception, 16 were blindfolded sighted individuals,(More)