Konstantinos P. Tsoukatos

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— We consider a CDMA wireless ad–hoc network in the high SINR regime. We introduce a suite of cross–layer algorithms for joint flow control, routing, scheduling and power control. The algorithms guarantee forwarding of all incoming traffic, with an energy expenditure that can get arbitrarily close to the minimum possible. When traffic arrival rates lie(More)
— We introduce cross–layer, distributed power control algorithms that guarantee maximum possible data throughput in multihop CDMA wireless networks. Throughput maximization, for given power budget, is achieved by jointly performing dynamic routing and scheduling together with power control. The cross–layer interaction consists in differential queue length(More)
We introduce a power control algorithm that exploits queue length information to achieve maximum data throughput in single-hop CDMA wireless networks. The algorithm operates in real-time, i.e., executes a single iteration per data transmission. A variant of the algorithm employing the exponential scheduling rule steers queue length ratios to desired targets.
We present an approximate analysis of a discrete–time queue with correlated arrival processes of the so–called M |G|∞ type. The proposed heuristic approximations are developed around asymptotic results in the heavy and light traffic regimes. Investigation of the system behavior in light traffic quantifies the differences between the gradual M |G|∞ inputs(More)