Konstantinos Nikolaidis

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BACKGROUND Although strength training (ST) enhances physical function in the elderly, little is known about the effect of training intensity on training and detraining adaptations in musculoskeletal fitness. OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of exercise intensity on strength, anaerobic power, and mobility of older men subjected to a 24 week ST protocol(More)
Over the last 5 years, 26 cancer patients developed pericardial effusion and were managed surgically with the creation of a subxiphoidal pericardial 'window'. The operation, in the majority of the cases was performed under local anaesthesia with adequate sedation. It was found to be safe and easy to perform. The operative approach was beneficial to the(More)
Gene copy number and protein expression of topoisomerase IIalpha were correlated to benefit from anthracyclines in various tumors. A retrospective series of 69 patients with DLBCL managed with CHOP chemotherapy were studied for immunohistochemical TopoIIalpha expression and numerical gene abnormalities by fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH). The(More)
In instance-based machine learning, algorithms often suffer from high storage requirements because of the large number of training instances. This can result not only in large computer memory usage and long response time, but also very often in oversensitivity to noise. To tackle such problems, various instance reduction algorithms have been developed that(More)
The operation of instance-based learning algorithms is based on storing a large set of prototypes in the system's database. However, such systems often experience issues with storage requirements, sensitivity to noise, and computational complexity, which result in high search and response times. In this brief, we introduce a novel framework that employs(More)
This paper introduces a new collaborative feature extraction method based on projection pursuit with application to face recognition. We propose a new projection pursuit index based on the weighted sum of six state of the art indices. Using a genetic search, the hyperparameters of the proposed projection index as well as of the selected classifier were(More)
Principal components analysis has become a popular preprocessing method to avoid the small sample size problem for most of the supervised graph embedding methods. Nevertheless, there is potential loss of relevant information when projecting the data onto the space defined by the principal Eigenfaces when the number of individuals in the gallery is large.(More)
Baby hamster kidney (BHK tk-) cells infected with herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV-1) showed a large number of virus particles isolated in vesicles characterized by the presence or the absence of ribosomes or inside cisternae of the rough endoplasmic reticulum or the nuclear envelope. The isolation of the virions by intracellular membranes appeared shortly after(More)
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