Konstantinos Nikitopoulos

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This paper presents the design and implementation of Geosphere, a physical- and link-layer design for access point-based MIMO wireless networks that consistently improves network throughput. To send multiple streams of data in a MIMO system, prior designs rely on a technique called zero-forcing, a way of "nulling" the interference between data streams by(More)
The increasing need for multimodal terminals that adjust their configuration on the fly in order to meet the required quality of service (QoS), under various channel/system scenarios, creates the need for flexible architectures that are capable of performing such actions. The paper focuses on the concept of flexible/reconfigurable radio systems and(More)
Targeting always the best achievable bit error rate (BER) performance in iterative receivers operating over multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channels may result in significant waste of resources, especially when the achievable BER is orders of magnitude better than the target performance (e.g., under good channel conditions and at high signal-to-noise(More)