Konstantinos Moutzouris

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The performance of a confocal microscopy setup based on a single femtosecond fiber system is explored over a broad range of pump wavelengths for both linear and nonlinear imaging techniques. First, the benefits of a laser source in linear fluorescence excitation that is continuously tunable over most of the visible spectrum are demonstrated. The influences(More)
—In this letter, we report a novel device capable of generating ultrashort electrical pulses on a coplanar waveguide (CPW) by means of optical rectification. The device consists of a completely passive GaAs-based optical waveguide, which is velocity matched to a CPW line. Optical pulses are injected into the device and electrical pulses are collected at the(More)
The refractive index is an optical constant that plays a significant role in the description of light-matter interactions. When it comes to biological media, refraction is understudied despite recent advances in the field of bio-optics. In the present article, we report on the measurement of the refractive properties of freshly excised healthy and cancerous(More)
In this paper, we review various nonlinear wavelength conversion experiments based upon a femtosecond erbium-fiber source operating at the telecommunication wavelength of 1.55 mum. By use of harmonic and sum frequency generation a nearly continuous ultra-wide band coverage from the ultraviolet through the entire visible to the near-infrared is achieved. The(More)
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