Konstantinos Moulinos

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Rapid evolution of Internet may largely depend on gaining and maintaining the trust of users. This possibility may especially rule enterprises, whose financial viability depends on electronic commerce. Neither customers will have the time, the ability or the endurance to work out the best deals with vendors, nor will vendors have time to bargain with every(More)
In this paper, the unified, abstract KEYSTONE Public Key Infrastructure is presented.This architecture consists of a reference model, a functional architecture specification, and a set of technologies that can be used for implementing the functional units, along with all relevant standards. It was derived within the course of the KEYSTONE project, which was(More)
Traditional business practice depends on trust relations between the transacting parties. One of the most important aspects of this trust is the quality of the offered services or products. The Web currently constitutes an enabler for Electronic Commerce, providing a global transaction platform that does not require physical presence. However, transferring(More)
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