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In our days the business, scientific and personal databases are growing in an exponential rate. However, what is truly valuable is the knowledge that can be extracted from the stored data. Knowledge Discovery in patent databases was traditionally based on manual analysis carried out from statistical experts. Nowadays the increasing interest of many actors(More)
Governments worldwide adopt e-government model and use ICT and particularly the Web as a key vehicle. This means the full integration of new technologies for transforming the public administrations and facilitating drastically the information flow among different governmental agencies, citizens and businesses. Interoperability appears as the mean for(More)
The field of Statistics is a conceptually rich domain where information is complex, huge in volume, and highly valuable and critical for Governmental institutes. The daily production of statistical information increases exponenttially worldwide, making the processing of all this information a very difficult and time – consuming task. Therefore, efficient(More)
Recommendation systems have been used in e-commerce sites to make product recommendations and to provide customers with information that helps them decide which products to buy. They are based on different methods and techniques for suggesting products with the most well known being collaborative and content-based filtering. Recently, several recommendation(More)
Today, e-learning demonstrates great opportunities and the variety of existing webbased learning systems and applications underlines this observation. Advanced e-learning applications provide high quality content, efficient structuring, as well as full support for the varied tasks of all the user profiles participating in a typical distance learning(More)
Semantic e-learning aspires to be the next generation of e-learning, since the understanding of learning materials and knowledge semantics allows their advanced representation, manipulation, sharing, exchange and reuse and ultimately promote efficient online experiences for users. In this context, the paper firstly explores some fundamental Semantic Web(More)
Several governments across the world enhance their attempt to provide efficient, advanced, and modern services to their users (citizens and businesses) based on information and computer technologies (ICT) and especially the Web. The remarkable acceptance of this powerful tool has changed the way of conducting various transactions and offers citizens,(More)
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