Konstantinos Loupos

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Recent developments in robotics and the associated fields of computer vision and sensors pave the floor for automated robotic solutions, exploitable in the wider field of inspection of civil infrastructures and particularly transportation tunnels, the latter ageing urgently requiring inspection and assessment. Currently, tunnel inspections are performed via(More)
Evacuation is a complex process influenced by multiple parameters that have significant impact on the design and execution of an efficient Active Evacuation Route (AER). Computer vision algorithms are critical for an effective AER, since it indicates the current situation awareness of the environment. Thermal imaging is an alternative effective computer(More)
This paper focuses on the application of Virtual Reality (VR) technologies and Virtual Environments (VEs) on the industrial field regarding safety. The issues of the industrial field are initially presented, focusing on the safety tasks currently performed in the sector. The Virtual Reality technology’s innovative character is then presented, focusing on(More)
This paper presents a robotic platform, capable of autonomous tunnel inspection, developed under ROBO-SPECT European union funded research project. The robotic vehicle consists of a robotized production boom lift, a high precision robotic arm, advanced computer vision systems, a 3D laser scanner and an ultrasonic sensor. The autonomous inspection of tunnels(More)
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