Konstantinos Krikonis

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BACKGROUND Idiopathic epilepsies and epileptic syndromes predominate childhood and adolescence epilepsy. The aim of the present study was to investigate the clinical course and outcome of idiopathic childhood epilepsy and identify variables determining both early and long-term prognosis. METHODS We followed 303 children with newly diagnosed idiopathic(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetes constitutes a risk factor for stroke that also aggravates stroke prognosis. Several prognostic models have been developed for the evaluation of neurologic status, severity, short-term functional outcome and mortality of stroke patients. IScore is a novel tool recently developed in order to predict mortality rates within 30 days and 1(More)
BACKGROUND Antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) are mainly used to control cortical hyperexcitability. Some of them (e.g. phenytoin (PHT) and topiramate (TPM)) have also effects on the peripheral nervous system (PNS). Lacosamide (LCM) is a novel AED that stabilizes hyperexcitable neuronal membranes by selectively enhancing the slow inactivation of voltage-gated(More)
The concentrations of 22 polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in Posidonia oceanica seagrass, sediments, and seawater from the Alexandroupolis Gulf in the Aegean Sea, were investigated from 2007 to 2011. Temporal trends of total PAH contents in P. oceanica and sediments were similar. PAH levels in seawater, sediments, and seagrasses generally decreased with(More)
AIM The additive EuroSCORE system for predicting operative mortality of cardiac patients tends to underestimate the mortality risk of high risk patients and concomitantly to overestimate that of low risk patients. We propose a modification of stratification groups aiming at improving its precision. We also tested its ability to predict the length of(More)
BACKGROUND Pelvic ring fractures (PRFs) may influence the daily activities and quality of life of the injured. The aim of this retrospective study was to explore the functional outcomes and factors related to return to work (RTW) after PRF. METHODS During the years 2003-2012, 282 injured individuals aged 20-55 years on the date of the accident, were(More)
We analyzed n-alkane contents and their stable carbon isotope composition, as well as the carbon and nitrogen isotope composition (δ(13)C, δ(15)N) of sediment organic matter and different tissues of Posidonia oceanica seagrass sampled in Alexandroupolis Gulf (A.G.), north-eastern Greece, during 2007-2011. n-Alkane contents in P. oceanica and in sediments(More)
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