Konstantinos Kloudas

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The need to backup huge quantities of data has led to the development of a number of distributed deduplication techniques that aim to reproduce the operation of centralized, single-node backup systems in a cluster-based environment. At one extreme, stateful solutions rely on indexing mechanisms to maximize deduplication. However the cost of these strategies(More)
In the era of global-scale services, big data analytical queries are often required to process datasets that span multiple data centers (DCs). In this setting, cross-DC bandwidth is often the scarcest, most volatile, and/or most expensive resource. However, current widely deployed big data analytics frameworks make no attempt to minimize the traffic(More)
User Generated Content (UGC), such as YouTube videos, accounts for a substantial fraction of the Internet traffic. To optimize their performance, UGC services usually rely on both proactive and reactive approaches that exploit spatial and temporal locality in access patterns. Alternative types of locality are also relevant and hardly ever considered(More)
Internet streaming services and social networks have drastically changed how people discover and consume music. Existing streaming services allow users to listen to music available on a centrally controlled web infrastructure. However, recent trends, e.g. large, inexpensive home storage devices and always on, high-speed broadband connectivity, provide the(More)
Cloud service providers, social networks and data-management companies are<lb>witnessing a tremendous increase in the amount of data they receive every day.<lb>All this data creates new opportunities to expand human knowledge in fields<lb>like healthcare and human behavior and improve offered services like search,<lb>recommendation, and many others. It is(More)
As Scalable As Possible: foundations of large scale dynamic distributed systems IN COLLABORATION WITH: Institut de recherche en informatique et systèmes aléatoires (IRISA) A speculation-friendly binary search tree 10 6.1.5. Towards a universal construction for transaction-based multiprocess programs 11 6.1.6. A Tight RMR Lower Bound for Randomized Mutual(More)
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