Konstantinos Karanasios

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Several approaches of hydrogenotrophic denitrification of potable water as well as technical data and mathematical models that were developed for the process are reviewed. Most of the applications that were tested for hydrogenotrophic process achieved great efficiency, high denitrification rates, and operational simplicity. Moreover, this paper reviews the(More)
The aim of this work was to study hydrogenotrophic denitrification in packed-bed reactors under draw-fill and continuous operation. Three bench-scale packed-bed reactors with gravel in different sizes (mean diameter 1.75, 2.41 and 4.03 mm) as support media were used, in order to study the effect of particle size on reactors performance. The maximum(More)
Combustion-assisted flame spraying (“CAFSY”) has been used to produce catalytically active nickel aluminide coatings on ceramic substrates. Their catalytic activity was studied in CO2 (dry) reforming of methane, which is particularly significant for environmental protection as well as production of synthesis gas (CO + H2). By varying the CAFSY processing(More)
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