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INTRODUCTION The expression pattern of cyclins D1 and E, as well as cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors p21(Wa1/Cip1) and p27(Kip1) and their relationship to tumour behaviour and patients' prognosis(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the effectiveness of Otis urethrotomy combined with six weekly urethral dilations until 40 French (Fr) in the treatment of women with urodynamic diagnosis of bladder outlet(More)
Preperitoneal inguinal herniorraphy inconjuction with other pelvic procedures has been described in the literature, but it hasnot gained wide popularity mainly due to thehigh recurrence rate.(More)
Predicting future tumour behaviour has always been a major task when treating bladder cancer. Ki67 monoclonal antibody has been reported to be a good marker of proliferative activity in a variety of(More)