Konstantinos G. Makris

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One of the fundamental axioms of quantum mechanics is associated with the Hermiticity of physical observables1. In the case of the Hamiltonian operator, this requirement not only implies real eigenenergies but also guarantees probability conservation. Interestingly, a wide class of non-Hermitian Hamiltonians can still show entirely real spectra. Among these(More)
The possibility of parity-time (PT) symmetric periodic potentials is investigated within the context of optics. Beam dynamics in this new type of optical structures is examined in detail for both one- and two-dimensional lattice geometries. It is shown that PT periodic structures can exhibit unique characteristics stemming from the nonorthogonality of the(More)
We report the first observation of discrete optical surface solitons at the interface between a nonlinear self-focusing waveguide lattice and a continuous medium. The effect of power on the localization process of these optical self-trapped states at the edge of an AlGaAs waveguide array is investigated in detail. Our experimental results are in good(More)
It is theoretically shown that discrete nonlinear surface waves are possible in waveguide lattices. These self-trapped states are located at the edge of the array and can exist only above a certain power threshold. The excitation characteristics and stability properties of these surface waves are systematically investigated.
We demonstrate spatial Rabi oscillations in optical waveguide arrays. Adiabatic transitions between extended Floquet-Bloch modes associated with different bands are stimulated by periodic modulation of the photonic lattice in the propagation direction. When the stimulating modulation also carries transverse momentum, the transition becomes indirect,(More)
In all of the diverse areas of science where waves play an important role, one of the most fundamental solutions of the corresponding wave equation is a stationary wave with constant intensity. The most familiar example is that of a plane wave propagating in free space. In the presence of any Hermitian potential, a wave's constant intensity is, however,(More)
It is theoretically demonstrated that Rabi interband oscillations are possible in waveguide arrays. Such transitions can take place in optical lattices when the unit-cell is periodically modulated along the propagation direction. Under phase-matching conditions, direct power transfer between two Floquet-Bloch modes can occur. In the nonlinear domain,(More)
We report the first experimental observation of two-dimensional surface solitons at the boundaries (edges or corners) of a finite optically induced photonic lattice. Both in-phase and gap nonlinear surface self-trapped states were observed under single-site excitation conditions. Our experimental results are in good agreement with theoretical predictions.
We study theoretically nonlinear surface waves in optical lattices and show that solitons can exist at the heterointerface between two different semi-infinite 1D waveguide arrays, as well as at the boundaries of a 2D nonlinear lattice. The existence and properties of these surface soliton solutions are investigated in detail.