Konstantinos Fysarakis

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As computing becomes pervasive, embedded systems are deployed in a wide range of domains, including industrial systems, critical infrastructures, private and public spaces as well as portable and wearable applications. An integral part of the functionality of these systems is the storage, access and transmission of private, sensitive or even critical(More)
As computing becomes ubiquitous, researchers and engineers aim to exploit the potential of the pervasive systems in order to introduce new types of services and address inveterate and emerging problems. This process will, eventually, lead us to the era of urban computing and the Internet of Things; the ultimate goal being to improve our quality of life. But(More)
In a world of pervasive computing, embedded systems can be found in a wide range of products and are employed in various heterogeneous domains. The abovementioned devices often need to access, store, manipulate and/or communicate sensitive or even critical information, making the security of their resources and services an important concern in their design(More)
The need to manage embedded systems, brought forward by the wider adoption of pervasive computing, is particularly vital in the context of secure and safety-critical applications. This work presents RT-SPDM, a framework for the real-time management of devices populating ambient environments. The proposed framework utilizes a formally validated approach to(More)
As embedded systems, in their various forms, become ubiquitous, new types of services are offered, aiming to enhance every aspect of the everyday life and allowing users to enjoy pervasive and personalized access to information. Along with the benefits come considerable threats to users’ privacy, as these enhanced services operate on private sensitive(More)
Monitoring traps are important components of integrated pest management applied against important fruit fly pests, including Bactrocera oleae (Gmelin) and Ceratitis capitata (Widemann), Diptera of the Tephritidae family, which effect a crop-loss/per year calculated in billions of euros worldwide. Pests can be controlled with ground pesticide sprays, the(More)
The intelligence being built into various vehicle types will not only improve their safety and comfort, but also enable new modes of transportation and new types of services and create markets accordingly. In all cases, it will be important to be able to monitor, preferably in real-time, various parameters of the smart vehicles' condition. This work(More)