Konstantinos D. Papadopoulos

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Earth's magnetosphere during substorms exhibits a number of characteristic features such as the signatures of low effective dimension, hysteresis, and power-law spectra of fluctuations on different scales. The largest substorm phenomena are in reasonable agreement with low-dimensional magnetospheric models and in particular those of inverse bifurcation.(More)
Keywords: Whistler waves Waves in plasma Pseudospectral methods Graphics processors a b s t r a c t Efficient spectral and pseudospectral algorithms for simulation of linear and nonlinear 3D whistler waves in a cold electron plasma are developed. These algorithms are applied to the simulation of whistler waves generated by loop antennas and spheromak-like(More)
Ionospheric heating experiments have enabled an e xploration of the ionosphere as a large‐scale natural l aboratory for the study of many plasma processes. These experiments inject high‐frequency (HF) radio waves using high‐power transmitters and an array of ground‐ and space‐based diagnostics. The heating of the plasma has led to many new phenomena such as(More)
[1] We present results from numerical studies of whistler mode wave propagation in the Earth's magnetosphere. Numerical simulations, based on the novel algorithm, solving one-dimensional electron-MHD equations in the dipole coordinate system, demonstrate that the amplitude (and power) of the whistler mode waves generated by the ground-based transmitter can(More)
Modulated high frequency radio frequency heating of the ionospheric F-region produces a local modulation of the electron temperature, and the resulting pressure gradient gives rise to a diamagnetic current. The oscillations of the diamagnetic current excite hydromagnetic waves in the ELF range that propagate away from the heated region. The generation of(More)
An elementary statistical observation identifies generalizations of the Fuoss approximation for the probability distribution function that describes ion clustering in electrolyte solutions. The simplest generalization, equivalent to a Poisson distribution model for inner-shell occupancy, exploits measurable interionic correlation functions, and is correct(More)
[1] This paper presents results from experimental and numerical studies of the propagation of whistler mode waves in the Earth's magnetosphere. An experiment conducted at the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) on 16 March 2008 demonstrates that ionospherically generated waves with particular frequency‐time formats are amplified on their(More)
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