Konstantinos C Kontzoglou

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Cyclins are indispensable elements of the cell cycle and derangement of their function can lead to cancer formation. Recent studies have also revealed more mechanisms through which cyclins can express their oncogenic potential. This review focuses on the aberrant expression of G1/S cyclins and especially cyclin D and cyclin E; the pathways through which(More)
Genomic instability plays a major role in cancer by facilitating tumor progression and tumor heterogeneity. Inter-simple sequence repeat (inter-SSR) PCR has been developed to provide a rapid and reproducible technique for quantitation of the major type of genomic instability observed in sporadic tumors, namely, that manifesting itself as amplifications,(More)
Breast cancer continues to be the most common malignancy among women in the United States. Despite its high incidence, early detection and modern treatment have made long-term survival more common. One of the most important sequelae of the treatment of breast cancer is the development of lymphedema. There are many issues for women to deal with after(More)
BACKGROUND Ki67 is an immunohistochemical proliferation marker in many types of cancer and has been widely studied among breast cancer patients mostly through retrospective studies. METHODS The MEDLINE/PubMed database was searched for publications with the medical subject heading 'Ki 67' and the key words 'breast', 'cancer', and 'prognosis'. We restricted(More)
AIM To investigate the correlation between breast cancer in Greek women and ABO blood groups. MATERIAL-METHODS In 166 female patients with breast cancer factors such as blood group, histological type, family history, presence or absence of nodal and/or distant metastases were examined. These patients had similar demographic, clinical, surgical,(More)
In eukaryotic cells, the cytoskeleton contains three major filamentous components: actin microfilaments, microtubules and intermediate filaments. Nestin represents one of the class VI intermediate filament proteins. Clinical and molecular analyses have revealed substantial information regarding the presence of Nestin in cells with progenitor or stem cell(More)
Inflammation is a double-edged sword presenting a dual effect on cancer development, from one hand promoting tumor initiation and progression and from the other hand protecting against cancer through immunosurveillance mechanisms. Cytokines are crucial components of inflammation, participating in the interaction between the cells of tumor microenvironment.(More)
We investigated the impact of pulmonary recruitment maneuver in reducing shoulder pain after laparoscopic procedure. We conducted a systematic review of the literature using Medline (1966–2014), Scopus (2004–2014), Popline (1974–2014), www.ClinicalTrials.gov (2008–2014), and Google Scholar (2004–2014) along with reference lists of electronically retrieved(More)
OBJECTIVE The association between hypothyroidism and breast cancer has been described from very early on. Breast and thyroid tissue are interconnected on a molecular level mainly through activation of thyroid hormone receptors expressed on cells of the mammary gland as well as on the plasma membrane of breast cancer cells. Despite the experimental evidence(More)
Laparoscopic adrenalectomy (LA) has become the procedure of choice for the surgical removal of the vast majority of small sized adrenal tumors (<or= 6 cm), because of its significant and multiple advantages: reduced hospital stay and wound morbidity, decreased transfusion requirements, postoperative pain and complications. The role of LA in patients with(More)