Konstantinos Andrianesis

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This paper presents the mechanical design of an ultra-lightweight, biomimetically actuated anthropomorphic hand for prosthetic purposes. The proposed design is based on an underactuated configuration of 16 joints and 7 active degrees of freedom. Shape Memory Alloy wires are used as motive elements of a specially designed actuation system installed within(More)
Shape memory alloy actuation is one of the emerging technologies that shows up remarkable advantages compared to conventional actuation. In this research work, this technology is exploited in driving an innovative prosthetic hand designed to meet most of the requirements of the upper limb amputees. Compact and totally silent linear actuation units are(More)
The control of robotic systems actuated by Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) wires is still an open issue. The goal of this work focuses on the development of a competent control system for a humanlike, 2-DOF, SMA actuated finger. We pursue this objective through a visual-servoing scheme and the implementation of classical decoupled PID controllers for the joint(More)
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