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BACKGROUND Recently we have reported membrane androgen receptors-induced apoptotic regression of prostate cancer cells regulated by Rho/ROCK/actin signaling. In the present study we explored the specificity of these receptors and we analyzed downstream effectors controlling survival and apoptosis in hormone refractory DU145-prostate cancer cells stimulated(More)
Recently, we reported that membrane androgen receptors (mARs) are expressed in colon tumors triggering strong apoptotic responses. In the present study, we analyzed mAR-induced downstream effectors controlling cell survival and migration of Caco2 colon cancer cells. We show that long-term activation of mAR downregulated the activity of PI-3K and Akt and(More)
BACKGROUND Membrane androgen receptors (mAR) have been implicated in the regulation of cell growth, motility and apoptosis in prostate and breast cancer. Here we analyzed mAR expression and function in colon cancer. RESULTS Using fluorescent mAR ligands we showed specific membrane staining in colon cell lines and mouse xenograft tumor tissues, while(More)
Sodium potassium pump (Na+/K+ ATPase) is a validated pharmacological target for the treatment of various cardiac conditions. Recent published data with Na+/K+ ATPase inhibitors suggest a potent anti-cancer action of these agents in multiple indications. In the present study, we focus on istaroxime, a Na+/K+ ATPase inhibitor that has shown favorable safety(More)
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