Konstantine Kaznatcheev

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Coherent X-ray scattering is an emerging technique for measuring structure at the nanoscale. Data management and analysis is becoming a bottleneck in this technique. We present an unsupervised method which can sort and cluster the scattering snapshots, uncovering patterns inherent in the data. Our algorithm operates without resorting to templates, specific(More)
In a previous paper, the University of Arizona (UA) has developed a measurement technique called: Software Configurable Optical Test System (SCOTS) based on the principle of reflection deflectometry. In this paper, we present results of this very efficient optical metrology method applied to the metrology of X-ray mirrors. We used this technique to measure(More)
Soft x-ray spectromicroscopy has been used to investigate the degree of the molecular alignment of sulfonated benzo[de]benzo[4.5]imidazo[2,1-a]isoquinoline[7,1], a lyotropic chromonic liquid crystal (LCLC). LCLC thin films cast from concentrated aqua solution (20%wt.) , aligned by shear flow and dried, show strong linear dichroism in their C-, N-, O-, S- K(More)
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