Konstantina Trivisa

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The rate of convergence for vanishing viscosity approximations to hyperbolic balance laws is established. The result applies to systems that are strictly hyperbolic and genuinely nonlinear with a source term satisfying a special mechanism that induces dissipation. The proof relies on error estimates that measure the interaction of waves. Shock waves are(More)
We establish the global existence of weak solutions to a class of kinetic flocking equations. The models under conideration include the kinetic Cucker-Smale equation [6, 7] with possibly non-symmetric flocking potential, the Cucker-Smale equation with additional strong local alignment, and a newly proposed model by Motsch and Tadmor [14]. The main tools(More)
We establish a low Mach number limit for classical solutions over the whole space of a compressible fluid dynamic system that includes dispersive corrections to the Navier-Stokes equations. The limiting system is a ghost effect system [26]. Our analysis builds upon the framework developed by Métivier and Schochet [20] and Alazard [2] for non-dispersive(More)
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