Konstantina Kontopoulou

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PURPOSE Anterior temporal lobe resection (ATR) is a treatment option in drug-resistant epilepsy. An important risk of ATR is loss of memory because mesiotemporal structures contribute substantially to memory function. We investigated whether memory-activated functional MRI (fMRI) can predict postoperative memory loss after anterior temporal lobectomy in(More)
We describe a hospital outbreak caused by colistin-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae producing KPC-2 beta-lactamase in two distinct medical centres. Seven clinical isolates of K. pneumoniae exhibiting resistance to carbapenems were collected from patients with hospital-acquired infection. All isolates were phenotypically positive for carbapenemase activity(More)
AIM Semapimod is an experimental drug that strongly inhibits macrophages and stimulates the cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of semapimod on experimentally-induced acute intestinal ischemia-reperfusion syndrome in rabbits. METHODS The experimental protocol included 16 adult male White New Zealand(More)
BACKGROUND The advantages of laparoscopic surgery have been well documented. However, the impact of pneumoperitoneum on sepsis sequelae is still equivocal. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of CO(2) pneumoperitoneum, applied under different pressures and exposure times, on sepsis cascade and mortality. MATERIAL AND METHODS In 42 New Zealand rabbits,(More)
Purpose To evaluate the in vitro efficacy of several anti-staphylococcal agents against a nationwide collection of contemporary Staphylococcus aureus clinical isolates from several healthcare centres in Greece. Methods Thirty hospitals throughout Greece (18 in Attica) provided all clinical isolates of S.aureus from April 2012 to May 2013 to a central lab to(More)
We present a case of previously healthy, immunocompetent, 41-year-old woman who developed systemic inflammatory response syndrome secondary to Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteremia. Clinical course was complicated by the simultaneous formation of multiple muscular abscesses, epidural abscess, and septic spondylodiscitis. The patient responded well to prolonged(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify clinical factors contributing to the lateralization of mesiotemporal memory functions in epilepsy by using memory-activated fMRI. METHODS Sixty patients aged 16 to 63 years with mesial temporal lobe epilepsy (MTLE) and 20 patients aged 16 to 60 years with extratemporal epilepsy (ETE) due to circumscribed epileptogenic lesions who(More)
Die idiopathische epiretinale Membran (iERM) tritt sehr selten bei Jugendlichen auf. Die Pathogenese bleibt unklar, obwohl die Rolle der Hyalozyten von übergeordneter Bedeutung ist. Das klinische Bild bei jungen Patienten unterscheidet sich von dem bei älteren Patienten. Wir berichten über eine 15-jährige Patientin mit iERM, die sich mit Metamorphopsien am(More)