Konstantin Voltchanskii

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Plants may suffer from ammonium (NH4+) toxicity when NH4+ is the sole nitrogen source. Nitrate (NO3-) is known to alleviate NH4+ toxicity, but the mechanisms are unknown. This study has evaluated possible mechanisms of NO3- alleviation of NH4+ toxicity in canola (Brassica napus L.). Dynamics of net fluxes of NH4+, H+, K+ and Ca2+ were assessed, using a(More)
Both parts of the actin-myosin complex involved in cytoplasmic streaming could be regulated by mineral ions. The main goal of this study was to find a relationship between cyclosis and ion transport across the cell wall and plasma membrane. The transport of K(+) and Ca(2+) along pH bands in Chara branchlet internodal cells was characterized by using the(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS This work has been conducted to assist theoretical modelling of the different stages of the blue light (BL)-induced phototropic signalling pathway and ion transport activity across plant membranes. Ion fluxes (Ca(2+), H(+), K(+) and Cl(-)) in etiolated oat coleoptiles have been measured continuously before and during unilateral BL(More)
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