Konstantin Volkov

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A facultative halophite Mesembryanthemum crystallinum L. (the common ice plant) was shown to grow successively at the high concentrations of Cu and Zn. Although 25 µM CuSO4 or 800 µM ZnSO4 retarded markedly plant growth, they did not interfere with the completion of plant development and the formation of viable seeds. In such plants, leaves accumulated more(More)
Author Affiliation: Elena Aleksandrovna Vishneva, MD, leading research fellow at the department of standardization and clinical pharmacology of the Scientific Center of Children’s Health (Federal State Budgetary Research Institution), allergist-immunologist at the department of medical rehabilitation for children with allergic and respiratory diseases at(More)
In experiments on mature male Wistar rats, the dynamics of morphological modifications of neurocytes of the hippocampal CA3 area after a severe thermal trauma were examined. The pattern and degree of morphofunctional changes in the nerve cells depended significantly on the time interval after thermal trauma; their intensity correlated with the stages of(More)
Background in children with severe persistent uncontrolled asthma atopic dermatitis (AD) is often characterized by persistent continually relapsing. According to the approach ICON for children > 6 y o with severe uncontrolled asthma as an additional treatment from 3-4 step of therapy omalizumab (Omab) is recommended for use of. We report on the experience(More)