Konstantin V. Smirnov

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The spectrum of bile acids and bile lipids in men exposed to 120-day head-down tilt was investigated. The test subjects were subdivided in to four groups: group 1-bed rest per se, group 2-bed rest + exercise, group 3-bed rest + drugs normalizing calcium metabolism, and group 4-bed rest + exercise + drugs. It was anticipated that biliary concrements would(More)
The effect of 20, 60, 90 and 120-day hypokinesia on secretion, incretion and recretion of pancreatic lipase of rats was examined. It was found that 60, 90 and 120-day hypokinesia induced significant and similar changes--lipase decrease in the pancreas and increase in blood, bile, salivary glands and stomach mucosa; 20-day hypokinesia did not produce any(More)
The enzyme-excretory and motor functions of the gastrointestinal tract of rats flown for 18.5 days onboard the biosatellite Cosmos-1129 were studied. Immediately postflight, the pepsin synthesis decreased and the dipeptide parietal hydrolysis increased. At R + 6, the activity of the enzymes responsible for the cavitary and parietal hydrolysis of lipids(More)
Full-value diets of similar composition were given to male rats weighing 207-230 g, by intravenous (group 1) or intragastric (group 2) routes. The proportion of amino acids, fats and carbohydrates was 9.9:15.7:74.4 (with regard to their calorific value). The diet calorific value comprised 60.6 kcal/rat/day. An average mass increase in group 1 was 2.44 +/-(More)