Konstantin V Luzyanin

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New hydrazone o-HO-phenylhydrazo-β-diketones (OHADB), R(1)NHN═CR(2)R(3) [R(1) = HO-2-C(6)H(4), R(2) = R(3) = COMe (H(2)L(1), 1), R(2)R(3) = COCH(2)C(Me)(2)CH(2)CO (H(2)L(2), 2), R(2) = COMe, R(3) =(More)
The Ni(II) and Zn(II) complexes [MCl(Tpms(Ph))] (Tpms(Ph) = SO3C(pz(Ph))3, pz = pyrazolyl; M = Ni 2 or Zn 3) and the Cu(II) complex [CuCl(Tpms(Ph))(H2O)] (4) have been prepared by treatment of the(More)
A novel and efficient method is reported for the preparation of phthalocyanines from phthalonitrile or its derivatives which utilizes low-cost reagents of hydrolytic stability, high simplicity, and(More)