Konstantin Turitsyn

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We study the statistics of optical data transmission in a noisy nonlinear fiber channel with a weak dispersion management and zero average dispersion. Applying analytical expressions for the output probability density functions both for a nonlinear channel and for a linear channel with additive and multiplicative noise we calculate in a closed form a lower(More)
We consider experimentally the instability and mass transport of flow in a Hele-Shaw geometry. In an initially stable configuration, a lighter fluid (water) is located over a heavier fluid (propylene glycol). The fluids mix via diffusion with some regions of the resulting mixture being heavier than either pure fluid. Density-driven convection occurs with(More)
High penetration levels of distributed photovoltaic (PV) generation on an electrical distribution circuit may severely degrade power quality due to voltage sags and swells caused by rapidly varying PV generation during cloud transients coupled with the slow response of existing utility compensation and regulation equipment. Although not permitted under(More)
We show how distributed control of reactive power can serve to regulate voltage and minimize resistive losses in a distribution circuit that includes a significant level of photovoltaic (PV) generation. To demonstrate the technique, we consider a radial distribution circuit with a single branch consisting of sequentially-arranged residential-scale loads(More)
Tank-treading, tumbling, and trembling are different types of the vesicle behavior in an external flow. We derive a dynamical equation enabling us to establish a state of nearly spherical vesicles. For a 2D external flow, the character of the vesicle dynamics is determined by two dimensionless parameters, depending on the vesicle excess area, fluid(More)
The anticipated increase in the number of plugin electric vehicles (EV) will put additional strain on electrical distribution circuits. Many control schemes have been proposed to control EV charging. Here, we develop control algorithms based on randomized EV charging start times and simple oneway broadcast communication allowing for a time delay between(More)
Analysis of transient stability of strongly nonlinear post-fault dynamics is one of the most computationally challenging parts of Dynamic Security Assessment. This paper proposes a novel approach for assessment of transient stability of the system. The approach generalizes the idea of energy methods, and extends the concept of energy function to a more(More)
The manuscript addresses the problem of finding all solutions of power flow equations or other similar nonlinear system of algebraic equations. This problem arises naturally in a number of power systems contexts, most importantly the direct methods for transient stability analysis and voltage stability assessment. Here we introduce a novel form of homotopy(More)