Konstantin Skodinis

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A graph is a tree of paths (cycles), if its vertex set can be partitioned into clusters, such that each cluster induces a simple path (cycle), and the clusters form a tree. Our main result states that the problem whether or not a given graph is a tree of paths (cycles) is NP-complete. Moreover, if the length of the paths (cycles) is bounded by a constant,(More)
We consider the complexity of the emptiness problem for various classes of graph languages deened by eNCE (edge label neighborhood controlled embedding) graph grammars. In particular, we show that the emptiness problem is undecidable for general eNCE graph grammars, DEXPTIME-complete for connuent and boundary eNCE graph grammars, PSPACE-complete for linear(More)
eNCE (edge label neighborhood controlled) graph grammars belong to the most powerful graph rewriting systems with single-node graphs on the left-hand side of the productions. From an algorithmic point of view, connuent and boundary eNCE graph grammars are the most interesting subclasses of eNCE graph grammars. In connuent eNCE graph grammars, the order in(More)