Konstantin Rozhkov

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The use of immunomodulators (IM) is being increasingly extended to the treatment of various pathological states. Reports have appeared about their capacity .to influence the susceptibility of the organism to var io~ toxic stimuli. The goal of this work was a study of the influence of IM of metalloorganic nature Oil the susceptibility of mice of different(More)
Conditions for the cultivation of V. cholerae of different sero- and biovars on tryptone medium, ensuring the maximum production of cholera toxin (CT), dermonecrotic factor (DNF), hemorrhagic factor (HF) and new cholera toxin (NCT) have been determined. The lack of coincidence in the optimum conditions ensuring the maximum production of CT, DNF and HF has(More)
A new nutrient medium has been designed to culture and isolate the plague microbe ChDS-37 on the basis of the pancreatic digest of baker's yeast. The results of laboratory tests of the designed medium, by using 10 plague microbe strains and those of approval during the tactical and special training of a specialized antiepidemic team (SAET), suggest that the(More)
Penicillinase produced by a culture of the plague microbe with episomic resistance to benzylpenicillin was isolated and purified. Comparative investigation of the substrate spectrum, Michaelis constant and antigenic properties of the enzymes from the plague and dysentery microbes (R-factor donor) showed that transfer of the R-episome to the new host did not(More)
Various protein hydrolysates made in Russia and foreign countries were comparatively evaluated to use them to design a universal agarized culture medium for the diagnosis of plague and cholera. Pancreatic baker's yeast broth was found to be most effective among the test media.
Influence of immunomodulators with organometallic origin on sensitivity to mice toxin on CBA, C Bl/6 mice and hybrids F1 (CBA C Bl/6) has been investigated. It has been determined that used immunomodulators are the means of urgent change of sensitivity to plague intoxication (5 min after i.v. administration of immunomodulators, the sensitivity to mice toxin(More)
The influence of amino acids and ammonium salts on the production of cholera enterotoxin (CT) by 3 Vibrio cholerae strains of different biovars and serogroups was evaluated. As revealed in this study, toxin formation in each of the strains was quantitatively and qualitatively determined by their individual sets of amino acids. The amino acid compositions(More)
Violation of reparative regeneration of bone tissue in treatment of open fractures is an urgent problem [1,2]. The frequency of unsatisfactory results of the treatment of these fractures remains high (30%) [3]. The main factors of bone regeneration disorders in conditions of open fractures are following: damage to soft tissue, soft tissue tropism violation,(More)
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