Konstantin Nikolaev

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A novel effective bioelectrochemical sensor interface for enzyme biosensors is proposed. The method is based on in situ synthesis of gold nanostructures (5-15 nm) on the thin-film electrode surface using the oleylamine (OA) method, which provides a high-density, stable, electrode interface nanoarchitecture. New method to activate the surface of the(More)
The effect of an exchange field on the electrical transport in thin films of metallic ferromagnetic manganites has been investigated. The exchange field was induced both by direct exchange coupling in a ferromagnet/antiferromagnet multilayer and by indirect exchange interaction in a ferromagnet/paramagnet metallic superlattice. The electrical resistance of(More)
A precision measurement of the double-differential production cross-section, dσ + /dpdΩ, for pions of positive charge, performed in the HARP experiment is presented. The incident particles are protons of 12.9 GeV/c momentum impinging on an aluminium target of 5% nuclear interaction length. The measurement of this cross-section has a direct application to(More)
A novel vapor permeation-stepwise injection (VP-SWI) method for the determination of methanol and ethanol in biodiesel samples is discussed. In the current study, stepwise injection analysis was successfully combined with voltammetric detection and vapor permeation. This method is based on the separation of methanol and ethanol from a sample using a vapor(More)
Hadron generation in the Geant4 simulation tool kit is compared with inclusive spectra of secondary protons and pions from the interactions with beryllium nuclei of +8.9 GeV/c protons and pions, and of −8.0 GeV/c pions. The data were taken in 2002 at the CERN Proton Synchrotron with the HARP spectrometer. We report on significant disagreements between data(More)
A trial was carried out with the treatment of a total of 64 cows having ovarial cysts. Thirty-one of the animals were given potassium iodate in the course of seven days at rates of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9g with the concentrates, and thirty-three were offered potassium iodate at the same rates in the form of a 1 per cent solution. The medical treatment was(More)
Studied were some biochemical indices of the blood serum of cows showing abortions of noninfectious etiology. It was found that in such cases thre was a statistically significant drop in the amount of the total lipids of the blood serum, which reached 20 per cent as against pregnant cows and 8.5 per cent as against cows that had already given birth. It is(More)
A clinical and morphological study was carried out on mass scale poisoning of heifers with methylparathion. Out of a total of 80 animals in a herd 13 heifers died or were forcedly slaughtered within several hours to three days, and other 9 heifers were cured after diagnosing severe methylparathion poisoning. The presence of the preparation was demonstrated(More)