Konstantin Lindström

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This paper discusses resolution enhancement of a set of images with varying exposure durations, having a high combined dynamic range. So far, little has been said in relation to the Human Visual System when it comes to Super-Resolution and High Dynamic Range fusion, unlike the case for traditional Super-Resolution where errors are measured with respect to(More)
The eyes of two glacial-relict populations of opossum shrimp Mysis relicta inhabiting the different photic environments of a deep, dark-brown freshwater lake and a variably lit bay of the Baltic Sea differ in their susceptibility to functional depression from strong light exposures. The lake population is much more vulnerable than the sea population. We(More)
Motion estimation of objects in image sequences is an essential computer vision task. To this end, optical flow methods compute pixel-level motion, with the purpose of providing low-level input to higher-level algorithms and applications. Robust flow estimation is crucial for the success of applications, which in turn depends on the quality of the captured(More)
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