Konstantin L. Metlov

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The energy (magnetostatic, exchange, and Zeeman terms) of a square array of cylindrical submicron dots made of soft ferromagnetic material is calculated analytically and minimized, taking into account the quasiuniformity of dot magnetization. The dependence of the equilibrium energy of the array on the direction of the externally applied magnetic field in(More)
Using analytical expressions for the magnetization textures of thin submicron-sized magnetic cylinders in vortex state, we derive closed-form algebraic expressions for the ensuing small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) cross sections. Specifically, for the perpendicular and parallel scattering geometries, we have computed the cross sections for the case of(More)
The assumption of a certain hierarchy of soft ferromagnet energy terms, realized in small enough flat nanoelements, allows us to obtain explicit expressions for their magnetization distributions. By minimizing the energy terms sequentially, from the most to the least important, magnetization distributions are expressed as solutions of the Riemann-Hilbert(More)
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