Konstantin Kogos

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This paper describes a packet length network covert channel and violators possibilities to build such a channel. Then the technique to estimate and limit the capacity of such channel is presented. The calculation is based on the information theory statements and helps to diminish the negative effects of covert channels in information systems, e.g. data(More)
Nowadays applications for big data are widely spread since IP networks connect milliards of different devices. On the other hand, there are numerous accidents of information leakage using IP covert channels worldwide. Covert channels based on packet size modification are resistant to traffic encryption, but there are some data transfer schemes that are(More)
This paper observes different methods for network covert channels constructing and describes the scheme of the packet length covert channel. The countermeasure based on random traffic padding generating is proposed. The capacity of the investigated covert channel is estimated and the relation between parameter of covert channel and counteraction tool is(More)
Covert channels lead to hidden data transfer and packet networks provide a lot of mechanisms to construct covert channels. Packet length covert channels are resistant to traffic encryption, but there are some data transfer schemes that are difficult to detect. Therefore investigating of packet length covert channels is quite topical. The purpose of this(More)
The purpose of this work is to show that the course, Mathematical Logic and Theory of Algorithms, lectured by the authors in National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) is the mathematical background of the cryptology study. Bachelors and specialists information security teaching has to focus attention on the(More)
In this paper, we describe binary and multi-symbol packet length covert channels. Then we design a technique to estimate and limit their capacity. The method to choose parameters of counteraction tools is given, it takes into account an allowable value of covert channel capacity and error level. The novelty of the investigation undertaken is that the covert(More)
Covert channels are used for information transmission in a manner that is not intended for communication and is difficult to detect. The authors have proposed and investigated the way to counter the leakage of information via IP timing covert channels by introducing additional random delays before packets' sending. The main topic of the research is the case(More)
The existing methods of data transmission via covert channels in IP networks and methods to counter them are analyzed and systematized. The focus is placed on direct and indirect covert channels resistant to many methods of detection and elimination. It has been concluded that the studies aimed at limiting the covert channel capacity without a significant(More)