Konstantin Brenner

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We consider an immiscible incompressible two-phase flow in a porous medium composed of two different rocks so that the capillary pressure field is discontinuous at the interface between the rocks. This leads us to apply a concept of multi-valued phase pressures and a notion of weak solution for the flow which have been introduced in [Cancès & Pierre, SIAM(More)
Neglecting capillary pressure effects in two-phase flow models for porous media may lead to non-physical solutions: indeed, the physical solution is obtained as limit of the parabolic model with small but non-zero capillarity. In this paper, we propose and compare several numerical strategies designed specifically for approximating physically relevant(More)
We discuss two key concepts that are useful for extending the depth of field of an optical system. The first concept associates anamorphic processors with the methods that reduce the impact of focus errors, on the optical transfer function. The second concept links Alvarez–Lohmann lenses with tunable masks for controlling the depth of field, without(More)
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