Konstantin Antipin

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We present a native XML database management system, Sedna, which is implemented from scratch as a full-featured database management system for storing large amounts of XML data. We believe that the key contribution of this system is an improved schema-based clustering storage strategy efficient for both XML querying and updating, and powered by a novel(More)
The ratio of the yields of antiprotons to protons in pp collisions has been measured by the ALICE experiment at sqrt[s]=0.9 and 7 TeV during the initial running periods of the Large Hadron Collider. The measurement covers the transverse momentum interval 0.45<p_{t}<1.05  GeV/c and rapidity |y|<0.5. The ratio is measured to be(More)
The ALICE TRD system [1] is comprised of in total 540 readout chambers in 12 different sizes. The mass production of these chambers is a joint project between JINR Dubna, GSI Darmstadt, NIPNE Bucharest, the University of Heidelberg and the IKF. The IKF is in charge for the production of one type of the ROC. Due to the finally achieved financial support for(More)
The Transition Radiation Detector (TRD) [1] is one of the main detector components of the ALICE experiment. It consists of 18 supermodules mounted cylindrical around the beam axis of the LHC. Every supermodule is assembled out of 30 Readout Chambers (ROC) of different types. These ROCs are equipped with front end electronics (FEE) and tested at the Institut(More)
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