Konstantin Abramov

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The data on antibiotic resistance of the main uropathogens isolated from patients with urinary tract infection in an urologic department (319 isolates) and outpatient and diagnostic units (360 isolates) are presented. It was shown that by the antibiotic resistance the Escherichia coli isolates from the urologic department patients and outpatients did not(More)
Sodium hypochlorite is the active ingredient in bleach, a ubiquitous household disinfectant, and has known toxicities depending on route of exposure and amount. Acute kidney injury due to sodium hypochlorite exposure has never been reported. Patients that did develop nephrotoxicity following bleach exposure did so due to development of other risk factors(More)
This report contains results of an experimental study of the distribution of misinformation in online social networks (OSNs). We consider the classification of the topologies of OSNs and analyze the parameters identified in order to relate the topology of a real network with one of the classes. We propose an algorithm for conducting a search for the(More)
This paper presents the research of the influence of cognitive, behavioral, representational factors on the susceptibility of the participants in social networks to misinformation, as well as on the activity of the nodes in this regard. The importance of this research consists of method of blocking the propaganda. This is very important because when people(More)
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