Konstantin A. Rufanov

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Dihydro-resveratrol (dihydro-R), a prominent polyphenol component of red wine, has a profound proliferative effect on hormone-sensitive tumor cell lines such as breast cancer cell line MCF7. We found a significant increase in MCF7 tumor cells growth rates in the presence of picomolar concentrations of this compound. The proliferative effect of dihydro-R was(More)
The exchange of terminal metal oxo functionalities by N-organo and N-sulfonylimido functionalities via metathesis with bent, thus very reactive sulfinyl amines R-NSO and sulfinyl sulfonylamides R-SO(2)-NSO is described. It is demonstrated that in many cases sulfinyl amine metathesis offers a more convenient entry into imido complex synthesis than the much(More)
A new chemical series of antiproliferative compounds was identified via high-throughput screening on DU-145 human prostate carcinoma cell line (hit compound potency - 5.7 microM). Exploration of the two peripheral diversity vectors of the hit molecule in a hit-targeted library and testing of the resulting compounds led to SAR generalizations and(More)
The Staudinger reaction of cyclopentadienyl-phosphanes C5H5-PMe2 (P1), C5H5-PPh2 (P2), and C5Me4H-PMe2 (P3) with azides Me3SiN3, 1-AdN3 (Ad = 1-adamantyl) and DipN3 (Dip = 2,6-diisopropylphenyl) has been studied. The nature of the products depends on the substituents at the C5 ring, at the phosphorus and nitrogen atoms: A series of new(More)
In situ protolysis reaction of a highly basic and sterically hindered N,N'-di-tert-butyl-iminophosphonamide ligand Ph2P([double bond, length as m-dash]N-tBu)(NH-tBu) = (NPN(tBu))H (1) with equimolar or hemimolar amounts of rare-earth metal tris-alkyls leads to dialkyl [(NPN(tBu))Ln(CH2SiMe3)2(THF)n] (Ln = Sc, n = 0 (2), Ln = Y, n = 1 (3)) and monoalkyl(More)
Reaction of 3 equivalents of ZrCU-2Et20 (1) with 1 equivalent of (Et^N^Zr in diethyl ether readily affords crystalline (Et2N)ZrCl3-2Et20 (2) in almost quantitative yield. The product was characterised by elemental analysis and by 1H. 1 C NMR, and MS techniques. The reactivity of this reagent towards C-H acidic compounds has been studied using(More)
In the title compound, [Mo(C7H7NO2S)2Cl2(C4H10O2)], the Mo-Cl bond lengths are 2.3730 (8) and 2.3842 (8) A, the former being the shortest within the series of analogous structurally characterized bis(imido) Mo complexes. This fact clearly explains the very strong Lewis acidity of the metal centre in this complex and, as a result, its synthetic versatility(More)
The first transition-metal (Rh(I), Mo(VI), Ni(II)) complexes of S[double bond, length as m-dash]P(NHBu(t))(3) have been synthesized via metathetical reactions of mono-lithiated and [Rh(CO)(2)Cl](2), (Bu(t)N)(2)MoCl(2)(dme) and NiBr(2)(dme). Surprisingly in the molecular structure of the Ni(II)-complex both hard-soft (N,S) and hard-hard (N,N[prime or(More)
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