Konstantin A. Lokshin

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The D2 clathrate hydrate crystal structure was determined as a function of temperature and pressure by neutron diffraction for the first time. The hydrogen occupancy in the (32+X)H2.136H(2)O, x=0-16 clathrate can be reversibly varied by changing the large (hexakaidecahedral) cage occupancy between two and four molecules, while remaining single occupancy of(More)
Inelastic neutron scattering measurements on single crystals of superconducting BaFe1.84Co0.16As2 reveal a magnetic excitation located at wave vectors (1/2 1/2 L) in tetragonal notation. On cooling below T_{C}, a clear resonance peak is observed at this wave vector with an energy of 8.6(0.5) meV, corresponding to 4.5(0.3) k_{B}T_{C}. This is in good(More)
The Ni1+/Ni2+ states of nickelates have the identical (3d(9)/3d(8)) electronic configuration as Cu2+/Cu3+ in the high temperature superconducting cuprates, and are expected to show interesting properties. An intriguing question is whether mimicking the electronic and structural features of cuprates would also result in superconductivity in nickelates. Here(More)
Neutron diffraction measurements have been performed on polycrystalline Fe1−xO swüstited up to 20.3 GPa using a large-volume moissanite anvil cell at room temperature to examine the existence of long-range magnetic ordering in the high-pressure rhombohedral phase of the material. This investigation is crucial for understanding the nature of high-pressure(More)
Neutron diffraction studies of metallic liquids provide valuable information about inherent topological and chemical ordering on multiple length scales as well as insight into dynamical processes at the level of a few atoms. However, there exist very few facilities in the world that allow such studies to be made of reactive metallic liquids in a(More)
New mixed-valent, Ni1+/Ni2+, metastable nickelate, La3Ni2O6, was synthesized by low-temperature reduction of La3Ni2O7 with CaH2. The crystal structure of La3Ni2O6 (space group: I4/mmm, a = 3.9686(1) A and c = 19.3154(6) A) was determined from powder neutron diffraction data by Rietveld analysis. The structure can be described as an intergrowth of LaO2(More)
Onset of cooperative dynamics has been observed in many molecular liquids, colloids, and granular materials in the metastable regime on approaching their respective glass or jamming transition points, and is considered to play a significant role in the emergence of the slow dynamics. However, the nature of such dynamical cooperativity remains elusive in(More)
Liquid 4He becomes superfluid and flows without resistance below temperature 2.17 K. Superfluidity has been a subject of intense studies and notable advances were made in elucidating the phenomenon by experiment and theory. Nevertheless, details of the microscopic state, including dynamic atom-atom correlations in the superfluid state, are not fully(More)
Alternative energy resources such as hydrogen and methane gases are becoming increasingly important for the future economy. A major challenge for using hydrogen is to develop suitable materials to store it under a variety of conditions, which requires systematic studies of the structures, stability, and kinetics of various hydrogen-storing compounds.(More)
Single-phase Ln4Ni3O8 (Ln = La, Nd) nickelates were synthesized and their crystal structures were determined by Rietveld refinement of powder neutron diffraction data. The crystal structures of these mixed-valent Ni1+/Ni2+ phases belong to the T'-type and are built by intergrowth of LnO2 fluorite layers with triple NiO2 infinite-layer structural blocks. The(More)