Konstantin A. Kouzakov

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Under certain conditions specified in this work, a Cooper pair can be emitted from a superconductor upon the absorption of one ultraviolet photon. The spectra of the excited electron pair carry direct information on the energy and angular pair correlation. These statements are concluded from a formal and numerical analysis based on the(More)
We present a powerful method for exploring various processes in the presence of strong external fields and matter. The method implies utilization of the exact solutions of the modified Dirac equations which contain the effective potentials accounting for the influences of external electromagnetic fields and matter on particles. We briefly discuss the basics(More)
An overview of the current theoretical studies on neutrino-atom scattering processes is presented. The ionization channel of these processes, which is studied in experiments searching for neutrino magnetic moments, is brought into focus. Recent developments in the theory of atomic ionization by impact of reactor antineutrinos are discussed. It is shown that(More)
Even though the study of ion-atom collisions is a mature field of atomic physics, large discrepancies between experiment and theoretical calculations are still common. Here we present experimental results with high momentum resolution on the single ionization of helium induced by 1-MeV protons, and we compare these to theoretical calculations. The overall(More)
We consider electron impact single ionization of an atom at large energymomentum transfer in the nearly Bethe-ridge kinematics. For evaluation of the ionization amplitude, a plane wave Born series is employed. A regularization procedure is utilized in circumventing typical divergence problems associated with the higherorder Born terms. The regularized Born(More)
We report (e,2e) and (e,3-1e) experiments on the double processes of He, i.e. single ionization with simultaneous excitation and double-ionization. The symmetric noncoplanar geometry combined with high incident electron energies has made it possible to study at large momentum transfers. The results are compared with plane wave impulse approximation (PWIA)(More)
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